Monday, October 26, 2009

How Can We Change To Make It Better?

by Rev. James Wong

Bishop Thomas Tsen and Bro. Fung Yin Khun flew in from KK whereas Bro. Lo Lie Meng and I flew in from Sandakan and we met in the KLIA on last Sunday evening. We were going to Seremban for the Global Leadership Summit (19-20 Oct 2009), held at the Agape Gospel Assembly church. The venue was most appropriate because of its modern facility. Just the LCD projector cost RM50,000! There were more than 500 participants.

What is Global Leadership Submit? Here is a brief write up:
“The Willow Creek Association's vision for The Global Leadership Summit is that every Christ-follower with leadership gifts, skills, or aspirations would gather once each year, dedicating themselves to raising their level of leadership on behalf of the local church and other organizations.

We hold a deep belief that if you change a church leader, you can change a church, and if enough churches start changing, you can change an entire region, country, and eventually the world.

In 1995, this belief gave birth to The Leadership Summit. Now, 14 years later, the Summit in North America has grown from 1 site to over 140 sites linked together via satellite and over 65,000 leaders in 2008. And in 2008, The Global Leadership Summit brought together via video-cast over 46,000 people in 114 cities and 50 countries.”
“The Global Leadership Summit is a trusted, high-caliber event that’s designed to transform Christian leaders on behalf of the local church with an annual injection of vision, skill development and inspiration.
Together with your entire leadership team:
  • Explore cutting-edge leadership principles from some of the world's foremost leadership experts and communicators
  • Engage in live, heartfelt worship that will refresh your soul and draw you closer to our great God
  • Tackle issues unique to leaders, including casting vision, motivating others, self-management, team building, managing volunteers, problem solving, decision making, and much more.”

The two days of seminar was most revealing and inspiring. We had uninterrupted time to listen to world class leaders who have brought significant changes to the world. After each session we had the opportunity to discuss. Leaders must learn to change and adapt to change to achieve maximum impact and results through the local church. “How can we change to make it better” is a question that a good leader must embrace. Let us aspire to be effective leaders for God.

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