Sunday, January 24, 2010

Committed To The Vision

by Rev, James Wong
"Advancing the Gospel through Leadership and Discipleship.” This is the corporate vision statement of our church and for the rest of the English congregations in the Basel family.

A vision helps us to have a common focus so that our energy will not be diffused. Diffused light cannot cut steel. Laser beam works on the theory of concentrating light to enable it to cut steel and diamond. When we have a vision, we have concentrated energy to do powerful things. The vision of the ‘Promise Land’ kept the nation of Israel alive in spite of the 40 years of struggle and death in the wilderness. That is the power of vision!

In a church, the vision helps us to be united in our thinking and in the formulation of strategies and goals. It will define what we will do and what we will not do and it will also influence the way we use our resources and finance, our mode of operation and structure. Effective evaluation can only be done when measured against the vision.

It is not enough that the pastors and the leadership of the church know about the vision but oblivious to the rest of the members. In a musical band, everyone must be playing the same song with the same key although many different instruments may be used. The church functions like a musical band. The vision is the song that we sing together and play in the same key frequency.

How can you take part in the vision of the church:
“Advancing the gospel” refers to the mandate that Jesus has given to each one of us: “Go into the world and preach the Good News to everyone” (Mark 16:14 NLT). You will be given a specially designed bookmark with this mandate written on it and at the back it contains this information:

Ask God to give you the names of the persons you would like to reach for Christ in 2010. Focus in building your friendship with them by loving and caring for them in a practical way. Remember to ask God to bless them and pray for their salvation daily. Come to the Thursday Morning Prayer Meeting and pray for them specifically. Extend your invitation to them.

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