Monday, February 1, 2010

Use Your Faith Energy

A new mind and a new language
By Dr. David Yonggi Cho

On a daily basis, I dream and pray about the evangelization of Korea and the whole world. I have always thought it to be possible. That is the reason for our Internet webcast ministry which has been spreading the Gospel through the Internet all over the world. Also, in order to facilitate the evangelization of Korea, I have a dream of pioneering 5009 churches in Korea over the next 10 years. Many have told me it would be impossible. However, the Holy Spirit has assured me, and I have been researching and putting the dream into action.

No matter what difficulties you may face, say to yourself, “I can succeed!” Continually think of succeeding. When you do so, you will indeed find success. On the other hand, when you think, “”Maybe I will fail,” your very fear of failure will cause you to fail. I know of no person who thought of failure and succeeded. There are instances where you will fail in spite of thinking of success. Many people have their faith shaken thinking, “I only thought of success; why did I fail?”

A deacon faced a day in court over a real estate matter. He prayed to God for help and only thought of winning the case. He stood before the judge with confidence. Unfortunately, the decision went against him. The devastated deacon said, “If God is alive, how could He do this to me?” His very faith was being put into question. Why did he lose his case in spite of diligent prayer and thinking of success?

When you study at a school, you pay tuition. From elementary to university, you need to pay a certain amount of tuition. No matter what it is you are learning, you need to pay a tuition fee for your education. It is the same in society. In any society, there is a price in learning the ways of survival in a society. When people invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a business and fail in the business, they lament the loss of their hard-earned money. When people pay thousands of dollars to defend themselves in court but lose, they believe the money was a big waste. That is not so. It was tuition for a greater learning experience, which could lead to even greater success.

Whether in society, at home, or at church, if we are afraid to pay for the cost of learning from failure, we may never find success. Although failure may be a terribly bitter experience, it can be a learning experience leading to success. Rather than despairing over failure, you must be positive. You must consider it as tuition toward success.

You should even accept your failure as part of your future success. You should not think of anything else except your future success. Think and speak only of succeeding. Dream about success, think success, and live a successful life.

“Maybe I will fail,. What if I fail?” If you think like this and despair, you will not have the productive energy to accomplish what you desire. You must not be afraid of failing, but think only of success. Of course that success must be to glorify Christ.

(extract from the book Use Your Faith Energy, pp.14-17)

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