Sunday, November 1, 2009

5 Principles of Inviting Someone To Church

Fulfilling Your Life Mission

1. Look Around where you live, work, or go to school—this is your mission field. Make a list of names of individuals you know who need Jesus Christ, and commit to pray for the people on your list regularly.

2. Look Up because God changes people through prayer. Pray each day for those on your list, that God will give you opportunities to share His love with them.

3. Look Out for ways to cultivate friendships with each person on your list. Spend time with them. An invitation to dinner or a sporting event will build friendships, which can open the way to talk about Christ. Remember: don’t preach. Listen and be a good friend. Show acts of kindness, concern and love.

4. Look Forward and begin to talk with each person on your list about going to church, going to a cell group meeting, or share with them the sermon topic you heard on Sunday and how it has helped you think. What about giving away a sermon CD? What about giving away a church bulletin which may contain information or short messages that may be helpful or of interest to your friends? What about a birthday card with a Christian message on it? Then, invite them to attend an event such as a Church Concert, life group meeting or Sunday service with you. Choose a specific date, pray, and invite them.

5. Look After those who respond to Christ or even begin to show interest in the Gospel, for they need your encouragement. Planting and watering is part and parcel of leading others to Christ. Focus on the few people that God has given to you.

The most effective means of bringing people to Christ is still through friendship and invitation. Make this the turning point of your life: Give out the invitation and fulfill your life mission.

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