Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Importance of Knowing The 'Key Result Areas'

by Rev. James Wong

The “Key Result Areas” is a management term that refers to the results that an organization wants to achieve in the key areas of their operation. It focuses on results rather than activities. You can be sweating profusely riding on a stationary exercise-bike but going no where! “Begin with the end in mind” says Stephen Covey.

Every church must identify her Key Result Areas. We may call that the tasks, goals, vision, purposes or mission of the church. The results that we want will determine our ways of operation. But to have results we must be willing to change our ways of thinking and our mode of operation. Albert Einstein says, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.”  Think about the following key Result Areas (printed in our Ministry Handbook 2011, page 6-7) and pray that God will help you to play your part in fulfilling them.

1. Effective Outreach. We hope to see you inviting friends to Church. Our goal this year is to have 160 people in the Sunday service. Prayer meeting = 30. Sunday school = 40. Life Group = 8 groups.  BBGB = 150. Generation 412 = 50.
2. Leadership development. We devote one page in our weekly bulletin for this purpose. Leadership makes the difference in every ministry.
3. Discipleship training. This is done intentionally in BBGB, life groups and other meetings. Our goal is to ‘make disciples’ as Jesus commanded.
4. Gift-oriented ministry. We encourage and enlist members to participate in the different ministries of the church based on their passion and ability.
5. Inspiring Worship. Our Sunday worship service is contemporary in music style with strong outreach intention. Numerous surveys show that new comers, including many Christians, do not return to a boring service.
6. Holistic Life Groups. It is through this platform that we provide members the opportunity to have meaningful fellowship, bible study and learning experience. Be part of a life group.
7. Loving relationships. Let us move out from our own circle and comfort zone. Connect with new friends and follow-up with genuine loving concern. An SMS, a call or a visit, a helping hand makes a world of difference.
8. Tithes & offerings. Under the title Generous living in the bulletin we share with you how to be a good manager of God’s wealth.
9. Prayer Meeting. This is the power station of the church. Make yourself available.
10. Excelling for God. We strive for excellence and not perfection. Anything worth doing for God must be done well. This is our fundamental attitude.

The Key Result Areas help us to focus on activities that will produce the desired results. Do not confuse activities with results. Let us do everything with the end in mind for God’s glory.

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