Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chi Hwa BB Junior Platoon Awards Day 2009

22 July 2009
By Jackey Tan

BB junior members in Chi Hwa platoon had their awards day on Wednesday in the Chi Hwa Audio room. It was the second last meeting for the school co-curriculum meeting this year. After 7 months of achievement course led by the teacher advisors, senior members and officers, the junior members finally completed their respective awards courses.

The awards presentation started at 3.00pm. There were speeches and words of encouragement by teacher advisor of the Chi Hwa platoon, Mdm. Yap followsed by company captain, Mr. Raymond Wong and officer in- charge Mr. Jackey Tan. In the speeches, we encouraged all the primary 6 members to continue to join the BB as they move to secondary school.

The awards were given away by the teacher advisors and officers present . There were smiles and excitement all over the faces of the members. Since everyone of them qualified to receive their awards, they queued up and waited for their turn.

The support from the teacher advisors was most encouraging. They helped us to run the BB programs and we have good opportunities in leading the platoon in praise and worship and also tell them bible stories to help them to understand Jesus Christ.

There are 99 members in this platoon. The last meeting will be on the 5 August.

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