Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Christian Mission Schools And Kindergardens Established by BCCM

Compiled by sister Yap Pak Shun

Christian Mission Schools were set up in Sabah by various Christian Missionaries/Organizations during the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. In 1882, the first batch of Chinese (Hakka) Basel Christians arrived at Kudat, as laborers recruited by the British North Borneo Chartered Company. The development of the schools of the Basel Church is the story of pioneers coming to Sabah from China, striving to give their children a suitable education. In spite of poverty and two World Wars, the Christians of the Basel Church in Sabah sought ways and means to build and maintain their schools. Even though the schools were established by the church, they are open to children of all races and religions.

The development of the schools were greatly helped by the Basel Mission in Basel Switzerland and in China, and the Lutheran Church of America providing missionaries, pastors, principals and teachers, especially after the Second World War, until the early 1970’s.

To date, the Basel Christian Church of Malaysia has established a total of 29 Schools and Kindergartens as follows:
5 Chinese Primary Schools – SJK(C) Lok Yuk, Likas; SJK(C) Lok Yuk, Menggatal; SJK(C) Anglo Chinese, Papar; SJK(C) Pinangsoo, Kudat; SJK(C) Lok Yuk Batu 1, Kudat.

7 Malay Medium Primary Schools (Formerly English) – SK Sung Siew, Sandakan; SK Lok Yuk Inanam; SK Lok Yuk Likas; SK Lok Yuk Telipok; SK Lok Yuk Batu 1, Kudat; SK Lok Yuk Tamalang, Kudat; SK Lok Yuk, Sikuati, Kudat.

3 Secondary Schools – SM Sung Siew (CF), Sandakan; SM Lok Yuk (CF) Likas; SM Lok Yuk, Kudat.

14 Kindergartens – Tadika Yuk Yu, Inanam; Tadika Lok Yuk, Keningau; Tadika Lok Yuk, Kota Belud; Taman Tadika Lok Yuk, Kudat; Yuk Yu Kindergarten, Likas, Kota Kinabalu; Tadika Lok Yuk, Menggatal; Sekolah Tadika Lok Yuk, Papar; Tadika Yuk Yu, Penampang; Tadika Lok Yuk, Petagas; Yuk Yu Kindergarten, Ranau; Sung Siew Kindergarten/Tadika Sung Siew Sandakan; Tadika Lok Yuk, Tamparuli; Wonder Kids Taska Lok Yuk, Tawau; Tadika Lok Yuk, Tenom.

In addition, BCCM Sandakan has established a Day-Care Centre, named Agape Centre, for special children (Handicapped children), and BCCM Tawau has established a Centre for the deaf and down syndrome children.

The first school of BCCM was established in Kudat in 1903. In fact, several schools are more than 100 years old. It is interesting to note from a Census Report that there were 8 Mission Schools in Sabah (formerly known as British North Borneo) in 1910, but the number increased to 45 in 1934. Of these, 18 were operated by the Basel Christian Church, 20 by the Roman Catholic Mission and 7 by the Anglican Church.

Recently, the 7 Malay Medium Primary Schools and 3 Secondary Schools together with 19 other Christian Mission Schools were presented with cheques of various amounts (based on the schools’ application) under the Economy Stimulus Package II, for upgrading of schools, maintenance and repair. Our Chinese Medium Primary Schools were given similar grants earlier in the year, under the Economy Stimulus Package I. We are indeed thankful to the Federal Government for these allocations of funds which are very much needed for the maintenance of our schools. Praise the Lord!

NOTE: In the whole of Malaysia, there are around 425 Christian Mission Schools. On 26-27 June 2009, 41 representatives from Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia attended the Conference of Christian Mission Schools in Malaysia at Olympic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, organized by the Malayan Christian Schools Council and the Mission School Authorities of Sabah and Sarawak under the auspices of the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM). The representatives were encouraged, affirmed and united by their common concern in improving their current high standards of education and providing the best opportunities for the children attending these schools.

The ‘Malayan Christian Schools Council’ intends to form the ‘Federation of Christian Schools, Malaysia’ to cater for all the Christian Mission Schools in Malaysia, to speak and act together, in all matters related to Education, School Staff and such other specific matters as may be raised.

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  1. Hi Rev. Johnny Wong,
    I'm interested in a part-time teaching position in one of the Christian mission school at Kudat. I am a semi-retired Singaporean, currently based in South Thailand. I I have a BA and BEd.
    Appreciate if you could recommend a school in rural coastal town.