Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Joining Hands, Building Together

Rev. Datuk Dr. Thu En Yu


Nehemiah’s Concern

Nehemiah was concerned about the city of Jerusalem, about the temple of Jerusalem. Why?

The city of Jerusalem / the temple of Jerusalem signify:
Wall of Jerusalem / Temple of Jerusalem signify:
The identity of the Jews

Fall of Jerusalem:
Loss of identity, influence, worship centre.
Became a people of shame.

Resistance from Within and Without

Parallel Stories / Testimonies Between the Wall of Jerusalem and STS

What is the Identity / Center Point of Christianity in Malaysia?
Malaysia is 52 years old now, do we have a common identity which can hold us or unite us together?

Nehemiah presented the vision to people who would do the work

The entire construction project was completed in 52 days.

Unity is power. People get united through the Nehemiah project. The project was completed in 52 days.

Christians in Malaysia do need a strong centre / focal point of our religious, spiritual, cultural, educational, economic and political activities.

Theological Education in Malaysia
There are about 500,000 Protestants in Sabah. Presently, a shortage of 1,600 pastors in the indigenous church, based on a recommended proportion of about 1:200. A similar need applies to the indigenous churches in Sarawak.

The total construction cost for the new Education Centre is 6.5 million ringgit. STS is still RM3 million short in meeting the total cost of the project.


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