Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Marriage Course

We had the Session 6 of the Marriage Course on last Wednesday. The session dealt with Good Sex in marriage. How we view sex makes all the difference. A proper understanding of sexual issues in marriage is necessary for happiness.

1. Here are some fatal flaws concerning sex in our consumer society. Many people think that sex is largely divorced from relationship and intimacy. There is this wrong assumption that enjoyment wanes with familiarity. Because of these wrong understanding about sex, sex is often tarnished by guilt.

2. The biblical teaching about sex was discussed. Sex is a gift from God for our pleasure and enjoyment within a marriage relationship. Song of Songs is a good example of the good sexual relationship between a husband and wife.

Sex is also a way of communicating love that goes beyond words. It is to express and deepen the ‘one flesh’ relationship. Sex can grow over a lifetime of developing intimacy for couples.

3. Further, sex should be understood as a vital part of a marriage relationship. It is not just the icing on the cake but a vital ingredient. Sex is part of the marriage relationship and not to be compartmentalized. Thus, the sexual intimacy of the couple affects every other part of the marriage and vice versa. Couples should watch out because very often sex is the first casualty to tiredness or laziness. They may need to make lifestyle changes, for example, taking exercises or change their eating habits to have better sex in marriage.

4. Couples can encounter sexual problems in their marriage. But most problems can be resolved through a better understanding and making changes. However, some sexual problems involve deeper issues from the past. God is able to heal and restore, through prayer and specialist help.

The evening also had a section on the qualities for great lovers. These qualities involve the knowledge of: (1) the importance of communication (2) The importance of tenderness (3) the importance of responsiveness (4) the importance of romance (5) the importance of anticipation and (6) the importance of variety.

Couples are responsible to protect their marriage through building each other up, setting boundaries, talk to their partner their feelings and keeping sex alive.

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