Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Need Your Support!

As our church progresses so is our need for equipment to run some of our services. At present we are sharing the church laptop computer and the LCD projector with our Chinese Church.

With the start of our Generation 412 fellowship on Saturday evening and many other church events, the present equipment could not be shared so conveniently. Very often we need to borrow the LCD projector from other organization and could not work with the computer because it was being used for other purposes. Thus we feel that there is a need for us to have our own equipment so that our work will not be interrupted unnecessarily.

Since we are spending a huge sum on upgrading our sound system and church hall acoustic treatment, we would be most grateful if you would think of giving to the above equipment. Your giving will enable us to serve the Lord together as we will use them for worships, teaching and training.

You can use the specially provided envelope for this purpose. You can drop your offering into the offering bag or give it to brother Wong Vui Min or brother Anthony Ying. May the Lord bless you as your give to his work.

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