Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekly Message

Better Sound for the Church
By Rev. James Wong

We have decided to upgrade the sound system and also treat the acoustic of the worship hall to provide better sound quality for our members. Between the speakers and those on stage and the audience is the sound system. If the sound system is not good it will affect the sound quality and ultimately the audience.

But good sound equipment is just one side of the coin. The acoustic of the church hall also plays an equally important part in the eventual quality of the sound. When these two sides of the coin are available, the soundman will determine the final production of the sound. The joke is quite true that we don’t anger the soundman because how the speaker sounds largely depends on him. What the audience will hear will also be determined by the soundman. Good sound cannot be compromised so that the speaker and the hearers will not need to battle to get a message across or for the hearers to hear clearly and comfortably.

This is what Rick Warren, the author of the book the Purpose Driven Church says about the sound of the church.

“Invest in the best sound system you can afford. If you are trying to cut costs, do it in some other area—don’t skimp here. Saddleback grew for fifteen years without our own building, but we’ve always had a state-of-the art sound system.

It doesn’t matter how persuasive the message is if people can’t hear it in a pleasing manner. A tinny, fuzzy sound system can undermine the most gifted musician and incapacitate the most profound preacher. And nothing can destroy a holy moment faster than a loud blast of feedback” (pg. 266).

The church has approved a budget of RM27,000.00 to change our sound system and treat the acoustic of the church hall. We have also engaged a professional to assist us in this project so that in the end we can serve our church members with good quality sound in our worship services. Do pray for those who are involved in this sound project. Better sound is coming your way.

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