Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prayer Focus

1. The Church
* continues to walk in righteousness, rejoice in the Lord and ever sing for joy, for God blesses the righteous, and covers him with favor as with a shield.
* continues to intercede for the nation's wellbeing and wait expectantly.
to be role model of good-governance.

2. The Government
* Pray for the political leaders, federal government and the state governments: men and women with integrity, love the nation, humble and willing to serve the rakyat and place national interests above their own.
* Those who habitually sow discord and create chaos: their minds and hearts be transformed that they will discard selfish ambition, cease all shameful political bickering, and abandon racism, they will no longer exploit racial or religious issues for personal political mileage.

3. National, State Leaders and Judges
* Pray that national/state leaders and judges will be wise, just and courageous; they will not bow down to religious extremists but seek to protect the rights of the minorities.
* All Bahasa speaking Christians can freely worship Allah in praises, prayer and writing.

4. The Growth of Our Church
* More members to participate in the morning prayer meeting on Thursday morning from 6:45am-7:30am so that we will be strong in the area of prayer.
* Take time to pray for the people you have listed down on the 2010 bookmark. Pray for their wellbeing and also opportunity to reach out to them in love and concern.
* Pray for the Numerical Goals of 2010 (See page 10). Pray that the Lord will add to our church those who are being saved.

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